Our Story

She is the light of our life. Through this foundation we developed a way to keep her memory and spirit alive.

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 our precious almost six year old daughter, Alena Gianna, died suddenly at Akron Children’s Hospital.  She was supposed to be receiving chest x-rays for a cold/flu she was battling. She started coughing on Monday, May 7th at school and went to the Urgent Care that evening.  We were told she was fighting some type of virus so she needed rest and was given some medication to help with her cough.  She rested on Tuesday and still did not feel better on Wednesday morning.  She visited the pediatrician at noon on Wednesday and we were told once again that she was fighting off some type of virus.  They recommended chest x-rays at the main hospital to rule out bronchitis, so we had her at the ER by 1:00.  Our little girl died at 4:50 p.m. that afternoon.  An autopsy was performed and came back 100% inconclusive. After several long months of investigating, we were unable to pinpoint the cause of her death.  We never found out why our angel died.  God had other plans for Alena and our family.

Nothing could prepare us for the death of our child.  Alena isn’t just our daughter but she is her brother, Roman’s twin sister.  They were just completing kindergarten and they were inseparable.  She never hesitated to remind him that she was two minutes older than him.  Death was completely new to him and he couldn’t understand why Alena wasn’t coming home.  We just wish we had the chance to watch our twins grow up together. We know that we will be reunited again as a family one day, however, it continues to be an incredibly rough road for our family.

Alena was a vibrant, athletic and caring child. To keep her memory alive, a foundation was formed in order to help other children stay healthy by eating quality food.  Her foundation was named after her nickname which was “Lenibug”.  We know that the Lenibug Foundation is helping other families in a positive way.  According to the U.S.D.A, Ohio’s food INSECURITY rate is higher than all surrounding states and the U.S. average. Alena would want to make a difference in as many kids’ lives as possible.

Annual Wine Event

We’ve got a new venue this year but the same fabulous live music, wine, craft beer, dinner and desserts! As always we do this in honor of our Alena and all proceeds serve the Woodridge Local School District with food for the weekends for our wonderful children!








Our Mission

Keeping Alena Aloisi’s Memory Alive By Helping Those In Need!

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